Friday, December 4, 2009

Brighton's cousin, Malia, came to visit this week. It's been so much fun having my sister here. Malia has not quite warmed up to Brighton yet, she's just a little timid. We tried to get some cute pictures of them together, and this is the best one we got. We also tried to get a picture or Malia holding Brighton, but she wasn't having it. But it's really cute when Brighton cries, Malia comes over to see what's going on and she has this cute little concerned face on and she'll put her hand on her like she wants to comfort her.

This picture's really fun for me because they're both wearing dresses that Tonya and I wore when we were their ages. My mom even made the red one that Malia's wearing. And then there are the old school Tinker's just fun.

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