Monday, December 14, 2009

Grandma Time!

More family fun with Grandma Harward! She came up this last week and Brighton was so excited to meet her! She got a lot of grandma time. She loves being held, and I know grandma loves holding her babies! It was so much fun. I love when family is around. Sean got to take his mom around the area and even though it was cold, we had nice sunny blue days.

We took Brighton out for the first time (besides dr. appointments) and we went to Costco. I got a good dose of what it's going to be like taking her out. Good thing both of my moms were with me, cuz it wore both Brighton and me out. She enjoyed the car ride, but not much else. The up side to it all was that she slept really well through the night!

Thanks so much, Rae, for coming up. That was so special. And thanks for all your help and love!

Sean and I took Brighton out to the mall after her Dr. appointment the other day. And again, she was not a very happy camper. So it was a pretty quick trip. But we got most of our Christmas shopping done. That night, I got 5 consecutive hours of sleep before she woke up the first time! I think we need to take her out more often!

So today is my birthday...and my husband is just amazing. He made me breakfast this morning. Then he watched Brighton for a little bit while I took a bath. (My mom's idea!) Brighton also got a bath today and it was the first time she didn't cry through it! I think she's finally starting to like them. Sean's downstairs right now making me rice crispy treats!! So yummy. They are my favorite. And he's wrapping my presents...(I feel like I need to thank Rae for this, otherwise I bet he would be out right now trying to find me something for my birthday.) ;o)
Anyway...I'm finally starting to scrapbook some of Brighton's pictures. It's a lot of fun, but I don't get too much done at a time.
That's about it for now!

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