Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brighton's First Thanksgiving

So this was Brighton's very first holiday. And of course, right when everyone sits down to eat, Brighton must have smelled the food because she let us know that she was very very hungry too. By the time she was done eating her Thanksgiving dinner, so was everyone else, so I had to eat mine all alone. Well, not really alone, I was just the only still eating.

I made my first pumkin pies. Woot. One just original and the other was a pumkin pecan. Sean was very satisfied. He told me about a month ago that there were two things that he needed for Thanksgiving dinner. Pumkin pie and yams. I borrowed Rae's sweet potato apple casserole recipe that I fell in love with last year, and it was just as amazing as I remembered. I've never cared for yams, but I absolutely love this recipe.

I just have to say dad ate so many sweet potatoes in Vietnam that he has never wanted to eat them ever again. And he told me that in the last 45 years, he's tried eating them a couple times, but has spit them out both times. So he made it a point in telling me that he tried mine this year and he loved them! "Tastes like candy" he said and he even had seconds. Thanks Rae!

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving with my parents, the Bakers (long time family friends) and a lady that's new in the ward. My parents had to take off tonight so they could fly to Utah tomorrow for my cousin's wedding. So now, Sean, Brighton and I get to eat all the leftovers all to ourselves...yum!! They'll be there until Tuesday so this will be the first time it'll just be Sean and I with Brighton. Wierd. It's been so nice to have my mom here because she will watch her when I need to take a shower or take a nap and she's always there to talk to when I get bored. It'll be wierd not to have her around, even if it's just for a few days.

Anyway...I'm so excited for Tonya and Malia to come on the 1st. Brighton will get to meet one of her cousins for the first time. And then Rae is coming on the 6th. I can't wait! I can't even believe that Brighton will be just about a month by then. It's going slow and fast at the same time if that's even possible. It seems like we've been home with her for longer than two weeks, but when I think about her turning a month, I'm like... a month already?! She's changing so fast already. I can feel her getting heavier. And she keeps experimenting with her squealing and grunting noises. She's definitely getting louder. She's getting some cubby cheeks (I guess some people call them their nursing cheeks). When we first brought her home, she had such a skinny little face, but not anymore! They are just so kissable now. I love her so so much. I keep falling more and more in love every day. She makes me laugh all the time with her funny faces and noises she makes. After she nurses, she's just like putty in my hands and she gets super cuddly. I just love it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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