Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 Months...

So Brighton is 2 months and a few days now and we just visited the Dr. yesterday. She was so good, even when they gave her immunization shots. Well, she screamed, but she calmed down pretty quickly. I felt so bad, I couldn't even watch them do it, she had to get 3. She has so much going on with her. She has the worst rash on her little bum, so the Dr. prescribed some cream for that. She also has some sort of viral disease that caused a rash on her body. Her face is really dry, especially her ears, so I've been lathering her up with lotion.

Another kind of serious thing that I found out yesterday, is she has a heart murmur. It's normal for newborns to have it, but I guess not at 2 months. So we have to take her in to get an ultrasound. We're really praying that nothing is serious.

I asked about Brighton's eyes to see when they'll change color because they're still kind of that dark grayish/blue color, and the Dr. said she suspects that they'll just stay that way, like a dark blue/hazel color. Sean's still a little skeptical. Especially because of my ethnicity, it just seems like brown would be completely dominate. But if they do stay blue, that would be so awesome! It would have been fun to have the first brown eyed baby on Sean's side, but I'm definitely OK with blue or hazel. I read that they can continue to change up to 9 months or even longer, so I guess we'll see...

Brighton is getting blessed on Feb 7th and we are so excited for everyone who's coming out! She'll be wearing the same dress I was blessed in that my mom made. So that's really special to me. I can't wait! I hope I make it to church on time though! We just moved to the 9:00 time and it's an hour away, so it'll be an early day.

Well, that's pretty much what's going on with Brighton these days. She just continues to melt our hearts with her smiles and coos and how she can't poop without her face turning into a tomato and making her grunting noises.

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