Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long time comin...

So it's been forever since I've updated this. Like almost 6 months I think.
Brighton will be 10 months next week. Here are a few things that she's doing now...

She crawls like crazy, everywhere. She just loves to explore.

This is from when she trapped herself underneath a laundry basket by tipping it over on top of her. It was so funny.

She can walk along couches and tables and things. It's weird to think she might be walking soon.

She has lots of tricks...clapping, clicking her tongue(thanks grandma Rae!), waving, growling, pointing...she loves to point at things. She also loves to stick her little pointer finger in my mouth. She thinks it's hilarious. She'll get it in there even when I'm pursing my lips. And she loves when I touch my pointer finger to hers.

Her favorite trick, though, is making a room look like a tornado hit.

She loves playing peek-a-boo

She always has to have her two bunnies in each hand when she sleeps and naps (one from each of her grandmas!)

She falls asleep in the funniest positions.
Her favorite shows are Baby Einstein and Backyardigans. She goes nuts when the opening music starts! She's starting to move to music.

She loves listening to classical music while bathing.

She's getting very possessive with her toys.

Sometimes she'll trick you and act like she's giving you something...usually her binky, and then when you go to grab it, she won't let go and she'll pull it back to herself. She does it to me all the time, and she did it to Zoee the other day.

She holds her bottle all on her own (best thing ever!)

She can grab food and put it in her mouth.

She randomly throws up every once in a while for no apparent reason. And I'm not talking spit up...this is full on exorcist style.

She loves big crowds of people.

She'll be held by anyone, except for old Asian men.

She is 15 lbs 10 oz as of yesterday.

I'm pretty sure her favorite color is green because she always grabs the green bath toys first (one in each hand of course).

She's very good in the car for long road trips.

Her favorite baby food is still anything with sweet potatoes. Or butternut squash with corn.

She also likes any kind of rice, sloppy joes, fruit, and clam chowder (probably got that from my dad...all the seafood I ate while I was preggo)

Her hair is growing slowly but surely. She's still pretty bald.

Her eyes are still kind of a hazel color...hoping they'll stay that way.

Funny story...

So Sean and I started letting Brighton cry it out a little bit at night. Well, the first night we did it, she cried for like 15 minutes, then went completely silent. We were so curious to see if she fell asleep so we crept into her room, and it's really dark. We look into her crib and we can't see her anywhere! Her blankets were right in the middle of the crib and we were like...I guess she could be under them, but we had no idea how she would get herself completely under her blankets. So I'm looking around some more, and as I look at the corner of the crib facing the door, I see her! She's standing up, holding on to the bars starting at the door. Then she slowly turns her head to us and sees us, and starts screaming! It was straight out of a horror movie, she scared us so bad...we were cracking up!
This picture isn't from that night, but it gives you some perspective. She was in the corner behind her.

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