Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Shoot

So Brighton got her first professional pictures taken...for free! There's a lady in our ward that is trying to put together a baby picture book and needed babies to photograph. So she called me up and asked if she could use Brighton. She gave me a few pictures from the shoot and a free 8x10. I'll probably buy a few more from her because there are some really cute ones.

Sweet little cherub.

This one is hilarious to me. Here she is just chillin' in all of her glorious chubbiness. It reminds me of the old fashioned pictures of a fat lady lounging on a pretty couch. Do you know what I mean?
Here we are stickin our tongues out at eachother. Brenda (the photographer) had me put on one of her shirts so I'd be wearing a solid color for this...not really my style, but oh well. It's still a cute picture.

Here's a picture of her in her blessing dress. It's the same one that I wore when I was blessed. My mom made it. So it's really special to me. There are some really cute ones of these. I'll definitely be getting some more soon.

I think Brenda did a wonderful job with these. You wouldn't be able to tell, because Brighton looks so sweet, but it was a HUGE hassle to get these pictures. I was there for about 5 hours! Brighton was not a very happy camper, I think she just doesn't like being messed with.

Other than this, Brighton is still just growing and growing. She is a drool machine so I always have to keep a bib on her. She always has a hand in her mouth, sometimes both at the same time.

Her bum rash is just about gone. I feel so bad, for 1/3 of her whole life she has had that bum rash. But we just started her on antibiotics and it's practically gone now. She doesn't scream anymore when we change her diaper. So that's good.

We just took her to the cardiologist to listen to her heart, and everything is fine. She still has a heart murmur, but it's nothing to worry about, he said. She'll just grow out of it.

We are all so excited to see grandma and grandpa Harward! We can't wait! I wish we all lived closer together...I want to be around everyone and all the new little babies! My sister is due at the end of March, so hopefully we'll come out to Utah for that.

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